MusicMan Konqueror Plugin

Do you have many MP3 files? Do you spend more time organizing them then listening to them? Do you store them on CDs? Do you have a car stereo MP3 player?

If so, MusicMan will help you organize your MP3, Ogg, from the most obvious place: Konqueror file manager.

MusicMan is a Konqueror plugin that lets you:

Download MusicMan Konqueror Plugin

MusicMan is licensed under the LGPL.


Konqueror with MusicMan

MusicMan appears as some options in Konqueror's popup menu over music files (MP3, Ogg, Wav). The operation will be applied to all selected files.

Advanced ID3 tagging

You can set ID3 tags in many files at a time, in a very advanced way.

Custom renaming

You can rename files based on a template and their ID3 tags

Create Cover Dialog

The "Create MP3 CD Cover" option will actually do more than just the CD cover. It will:

Control Center Dialog

You can configure many Musicman parameters thru it's Control Center interface


MusicMan is Copyright 2003 Avi Alkalay <avi at>.
Nov 2003. Made in Brazil. Logo